Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

Awards & Prizes


The Arthur Ross Awards have been presented annually since 1982 in recognition of important contributions to and achievements in preserving and advancing the classical tradition in art and architecture, artisanship, community design, education, history, landscape architecture/gardening, mural painting/painting, patronage, rendering, sculpture, and stewardship/good manners. Click here to download the PDF of past Arthur Ross Awardees.



1982 Philip Trammell Shutze, Atlanta, GA
1983 Edward Vason Jones, Albany, GA
1983 Samuel Wilson, Jr., New Orleans, LA
1984 Rurik F. Eckstrom, Wiley and Wilson Architects, Richmond, VA
1984 W. Knight Sturges, New York, NY
1984 David Anthony Easton, New York, NY
1985 Douglas L. Greene and David Warren Hardwicke, Wiley and Wilson Architects, Richmond, VA
1985 A. Hays Town, Baton Rouge, LA
1986 William Frank McCall, Jr., Moultrie, GA
1986 Thomas C. Celli, Shahi Patel, and Robert T. Meeker, Celli-Flynn and Associates, Harrisburg, PA
1987 Norman Neuerberg, Los Angeles, CA
1987 David T. Mayernik and Thomas N. Rajkovich, New York, NY, and Chicago, IL
1988 Frank Garretson, Sheffield, MA
1988 David Anthony Easton, New York, NY
1989 Floyd E. Johnson, Charlottesville, VA
1990 Allan Greenberg, New Haven, CT, and Washington, D.C.
1991 Boris Baranovich, New York, NY
1991 Robert A. M. Stern, New York, NY
1992 Sherman Pardue, Charlotte, NC
1992 Thomas H. Beeby, Chicago, IL
1993 William T. Baker, Atlanta, GA
1994 George M. White, Washington, D.C.
1994 Ernesto Buch, New Haven, CT
1995 Jaquelin Taylor Robertson, New York, NY
1996 Robert I. Cole, Montgomery, AL
1997 Milton Grenfell, Charlotte, NC
1998 Joseph Dixon III, New York, NY
1998 Neil E. Davis, Birmingham, AL
1999 Curtis & Windham, Houston, TX
2000 Harold H. Fisher, Harper Woods, MI
2001 John Blatteau, Philadelphia, PA
2002 Quinlan Terry, Dedham, UK
2003 Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, LLP, New York, NY
2004 Merrill and Pastor Architects, Vero Beach, FL
2005 Porphyrios Associates, London, UK
2006 Hartman-Cox Architects, Washington, DC
2007 Michael G. Imber, Architect, San Antonio, TX
2008 John Simpson, London, UK
2009 John Milner Architects, Inc., PA
2010 Historical Concepts, Peachtree City, GA
2011 Franck & Lohsen Architects, Inc., Washington, DC
2012 HBRA Architects, Chicago, IL
2013 Fairfax & Sammons Architects, New York, NY
2014 David M. Schwarz Architects, Washington, DC
2015 ADAM Architecture, London and Winchester, United Kingdom
2016 Duncan G. Stroik, South Bend, IN and Austin, TX
2017 Peter Pennoyer and Peter Pennoyer Architects, New York, NY


1982 Arthur Ward, P.E. Guerin and Co., New York, NY: Bronze hardware and fittings
1983 Indiana Limestone Company, Bloomington, IN: Stone fabrication and carving
1984 Harkins & Maeger, New York, NY: Cabinetry and millwork
1984 M. Earle Felber, Felber Studios, Philadelphia, PA: Cast plaster ornament
1985 Odolph Blaylock, Albany, GA: Wood joining and carving
1985 George Peoples, Albany, GA: Ornamental plaster
1986 Elmer C. Grage, Decorator’s Supply Co., Chicago, IL: Composition ornament
1986 Taylor & Boody, Staunton, VA: Pipe organ design and building
1987 Tayssir Suleiman & Ahmad K. Suleiman, Horsham, PA: Ornamental plaster and scagliola
1988 Delaware Valley Chapter, Architectural Woodwork Institute, Philadelphia, PA
1989 Scalamandre Company, New York, NY: Fabric design
1990 Hartmann-Sanders Company, Atlanta, GA: Wood columns and pilasters
1991 Bybee Stone Company, Bloomington, IN: Stone carving and fabrication
1992 Cathedral Stoneworks, New York, NY: Stone carving and fabrication
1993 Stephen S. Knipp, Knipp & Company, Baltimore, MD: Millwork and paneling
1994 Dimitrios Klitsas, Hampden, MA: Woodcarving
1994 Les Metalliers Champenois Corporation, Patterson, NJ: Metalwork
1994 Joseph Clark & the Metropolitan Opera, New York, NY: Craftsmanship
1995 David Esterly, Barneveld, NY: Woodcarver
1996 Ball and Ball, Exton, PA: Traditional hardware and lighting fixtures
1997 Fred Goldfrank, General Specialties Inc., Shokan NY: Millwork and paneling
1998 Conrad Schmitt Studios, New Berlin, WI: Restoration work
1998 Frederick Herpel, Herpel, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL: Cast stone
1999 Historical Arts and Casting, West Jordan, UT: Metalwork
2000 Laszlo Sallay, New York, NY: Traditional furniture
2001 Brunschwig & Fils, Inc., New York, NY: Fabric design
2002 David Flaharty: Classical plasterwork
2003 Dick Reid, York, England: Craftsmanship
2004 John Canning, Cheshire, CT
2005 John E. Benson, Newport, RI
2007 The Rambusch Company, Jersey City, NJ
2009 Christopher Pellettieri, New York, NY
2010 Fondation de Coubertin /Ateliers Saint-Jacques & Fonderie D’Art, Saint-Rémy-lès Chevreuse, France
2011 EverGreene Architectural Arts, Inc., New York, NY
2012 Rhett Butler, E. R. Butler & Co., New York, NY
2013 Miriam Ellner, New York, NY
2013 Timothy Richards, Bath, England
2014 Dennis Collier, Bangor, PA


2000 Dan Camp, Starkville, MS
2002 Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Andres Duany, Miami, FL
2006 The Mississippi Renewal Forum, Biloxi, MS
2015 Moule & Polyzoides, Pasadena, CA


2016 Ciudad Cayalá, Guatemala


1995 The Institute for the Study of Classical Architecture, New York, NY
1996 J. Francois Gabriel, School of Architecture, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
1997 The School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
1998 Clem Labine, Traditional Building Magazine, New York, NY
2001 Elizabeth Dowling, Atlanta, GA
2007 Peter Hodson, Portsmouth, UK
2008 The American College of the Building Arts, Charleston, SC
2016 Robert A.M. Stern, New York, NY
2017 Thomas Gordon Smith, South Bend, IN


1985 Christopher Gray, New York, NY
1986 James Mairs, W.W. Norton & Company, New York, NY
2002 David Brussat, Providence, RI
2003 The Beehive Press with special recognition for Mills Lane, Savannah, GA
2004 Charles Peterson, Historical American Building Survey, Philadelphia, PA
2005 Dover Publications, Mineola, NY
2006 William R. Mitchell, Jr., Atlanta, GA
2007 Acanthus Press, New York, NY
2008 Mark Alan Hewitt, Bernardsville, NJ
2009 Library of American Landscape History, MA
2012 Francis Morrone, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Stephen Fox, Houston, TX
2015 Elizabeth White and Samuel G. White, New York, NY


2013 Thomas Jayne, New York, NY
2017 John Saladino, Montecito, CA and New York, NY


1985 Richard K. Webel, Locust Valley, NY
1986 J. Liddon Pennock, Jr., Meadowbrook, PA
1987 Bureau of Forestry, Dept. of Public Works, and Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Culture, City and County of Milwaukee, WI
1988 The President’s Parks, National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Washington, D.C.
1989 Jane Forbes Clark and The Clark Foundation, Cooperstown, NY
1990 Marco Polo Stufano, New York, NY
1992 Francis H. Cabot, Cold Spring, NY
1993 John J. McLennan, Tyringham, MA
1993 Henry P. Leuthardt, East Moriches, NY
1993 Buildings Management Service, United Nations, New York, NY
1994 Paul Pincus, Washington, D.C.
1995 Mrs. James H. Semans, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Duke University, Durham, NC
1996 Jerome Eaton, Old Westbury, NY
1997 Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
1997 Thomas Everett, New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
1998 Lynden Miller, New York, NY
1999 Ben Page, Nashville, TN
2000 George Vellonakis, New York, NY
2002 Charles H. Gale, Jr., Gwynedd, PA
2003 Charles J. Stick, Charlottesville, VA
2005 Deborah Nevins & Associates, New York, NY
2009 Perry Guillot, Southampton, NY (Landscape Architecture)
2010 Sanchez & Maddux, Palm Beach, FL
2012 Edwina von Gal, East Hampton, NY


2015 Merchant Ivory Productions and James Ivory, New York, NY
2017 Carl Laubin, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


1982 Allyn Cox, Washington, D.C.
1983 Eloi Bordelon, New York, NY
1983 Harvey Dinnerstein, Brooklyn, NY
1984 D. Jeffrey Mims, Glendale Springs, NC
1985 Cliff Young, Washington, D.C.
1987 Tania Vartan, New York, NY
1989 Evans & Brown, San Francisco, CA
1991 Craig McPherson, New York, NY
1992 Zhuo Shu Liang, Boston, MA
1994 David K. Braly, Birmingham, AL
1997 Richard Piccolo, Rome, Italy
1998 Edward Schmidt, New York, NY
1999 Frank Mason, New York, NY
2000 Anne Harris, New York, NY
2001 Benjamin Long, Asheville, NC
2003 Aleksandar Popovic, Brooklyn, NY
2006 Leonard M. Porter, New York, NY
2008 Alexander Creswell, Surrey, UK
2010 Boyd Reath, New York, NY
2011 Zega & Dams, Paris, France


2016 Anne Day, Salisbury, CT


1982 Henry Clay Frick II, New York, NY
1983 Chauncey Stillman, Millbrook, NY
1983 The Trustees of the J. Paul Getty Estate, Los Angeles, CA
1984 George Weissman, Philip Morris Company, New York, NY
1985 Clement Conger, United States Department of State, Washington, D.C.
1986 Lady Bird Johnson, Austin, TX
1987 Board of Trustees, Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, CA
1988 John W. and Patricia Kluge, Charlottesville, VA
1989 The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
1990 H. R. H. The Prince of Wales, London, England
1990 Lucille Stewart Beeson, Birmingham, AL
1991 Enid Haupt, New York, NY
1994 William J. Diamond, New York, NY
1994 Colin Cabot, Milwaukee, WI
1995 Finn M. W. Caspersen, Andover, NJ
1995 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
1996 The Reverend Andrew L. Szaroleta, Clifton, NJ
1997 Barbara Newington, Newington-Cropsey Foundation, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
1998 Lord Rothschild, Spencer House, London, England
1999 Performing Arts Fort Worth, Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, TX
2000 Citizens of Greater Kansas City, Kansas City, KS
2002 Rice University, Houston, TX
2003 Thomas & Patricia Frist, Margaret A. Robinson & Martha Ingram, Nashville, TN
2003 The Honorable Frank Keating, Oklahoma City, OK
2009 Robert & Daryl Davis, Seaside, FL
2011 Polo Ralph Lauren, New York, NY
2013 Jonathan Nelson, Providence, RI
2017 John H. Bryan, Lake Bluff, IL


2017 Kevin Lippert and the Princeton Architectural Press, New York, NY


1986 Stephen Bonitatibus, Philadelphia, PA
1990 James Steinmeyer, New York, NY
1991 Frank Constantino, Winthrop, MA
1993 David M. Genther, Philadelphia, PA
2003 Anton Glikin, Brooklyn, NY
2004 Michael McCann, Toronto, Canada


1984 Anthony Visco, Philadelphia, PA
1989 Daniel Sinclair, New York, NY
1990 George Kelly, New York, NY
1991 Frederick Hart, Washington, D.C.
1992 Richard McDermott Miller, New York, NY
1995 Raymond Kaskey, Washington, D.C.
1996 Anthony Visco, Philadelphia, PA
1997 Simon Verity, New York, NY
2000 Márton Váró, Irine, CA
2001 Alexander Stoddart, Paisley, Scotland
2002 Eugene Daub, San Pedro, CA
2014 Edward J. Fraughton, South Jordan, UT


1991 Saks Fifth Avenue and Swiss Bank Corporation, New York, NY
1992 The Jewish Museum and Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates, New York, NY, and Hampden, CT
1994 The Century Association, New York, NY
1996 Margaret Halsey Gardiner, Merchant’s House Museum, New York, NY
1998 Reverend William Callahan, Basilica of Saint Josaphat, Milwaukee, WI
1999 Paul LeClerc, President; Sandra Priest Rose and Phineas Rose; and Lewis Davis, Davis Brody Assoc., Rose Main Reading Room, New York Public Library, NY
2000 Anthony Irons, San Francisco, CA
2001 Mayor Joseph P. Riley, City of Charleston, Charleston, SC
2002 Antionette Downing, Colonial Newport and Colonial Providence
2004 The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Colin G. Campbell, Chairman & President
2005 Biltmore Estate, William A.V. Cecil, Chairman, Asheville, NC
2006 The Central Park Conservancy, New York, NY
2007 World Monuments Fund, New York, NY
2008 Committee to Save the City, Charleston, SC
2010 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Monticello, Charlottesville, VA
2011 New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
2012 U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, Washington, DC
2014 Salve Regina University, Newport, RI
2016 Paula Wallace and the Savannah College of Art and Design
2017 Stephen Byrns, Yonkers, NY


2007 Robert A. M. Stern, New York, NY
2008 Alvin Holm, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Calder Loth, Richmond, VA
2011 Clem Labine, Brooklyn, NY
2012 Marc Appleton, Santa Monica, CA
2013 Richard Cameron, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Jacob Collins, New York, NY
2015 Léon Krier, Luxembourg
2017 Norman Davenport Askins, Atlanta, GA