The Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize

Entries for the 2022 Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize are due on January 5th, 2022.

The Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize recognizes the excellence and creativity of a project from an emerging garden, landscape or architectural design professional whose work is inspired by classical or traditional design, holistically considers the symbiosis between outdoor environments and physical structures, and interweaves garden and architectural elements within their design. This prize is to acknowledge exceptional work that furthers the ICAA’s mission that the intertwining of design and craftsmanship are vital to lasting and meaningful places, and is in the spirit of Bunny Mellon’s “ceaseless interest, passion, and pleasure” in gardens, horticulture, and design. This prize is presented annually as part of the Bunny Mellon Landscape Curricula at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

There is one Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize awarded each year to the emerging professional for a singular project that best meets the prize’s criteria. The winner will receive a $1,500 dollar cash prize, and will be recognized at the annual Bunny Mellon Curricula Garden Symposium on April 29th and 30th, 2022 in Atlanta, GA, with weekend and travel expenses paid. Their work will be exhibited at the Symposium, included in the Symposium’s digital catalog, and announced on ICAA social media, our website, and other external media, publications, promotional materials to be determined. The runner-up will receive the recognition of “Highly Commended” from the jury as they see fit.


The Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize is the result of the Gerald B. Lambert Foundation's landmark gift that created and supports the study and practice of the landscape arts as part of the ICAA's Bunny Mellon Curricula. The Curricula honors Bunny Mellon, visionary garden designer and leading contributor to the horticultural arts, with programming that addresses the importance of garden and landscape design as part of the traditionally built environment.

The ICAA is very grateful to the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation for its generous support of this program, along with the Curricula's Lead Co-Sponsor Hollander Design Landscape Architects, Film Series Co-Sponsor Janice Parker Landscape Architects, Landscape Prize Co-Sponsor Harrison Design, Continuing Education and Public Programs Co-Sponsor Charlotte Moss, and Garden Symposium Co-Sponsor Kathryn M. and Ronald J. Herman Charitable Foundation.

Award categories
Recognition at the ICAA Southeast Garden Symposium: An Exploration of Architecture & Landscape; $1,500 Prize
Highly Commended
Recognition at the ICAA Southeast Garden Symposium: An Exploration of Architecture & Landscape
Winners from
Alexandra Bolinder Gibsand
Winston Grant-Preece
Highly Commended


The submission deadline for the 2022 Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize is January 5th, 2022.

Application Documents

Entry Materials

  1. Entry Form
  2. Professional Statement:
  3. For professional projects completed as part of the firm, entrants should include an additional 150 words that clearly outlines their specific role in the project and specifies any contributions made to the design by others besides the entrants.
  4. In 500 words or less, describe the project submitted for consideration, how it fits the prize criteria, and the ICAA and Bunny Mellon’s mission of recognizing holistic work that intertwines architecture, design, and the natural landscape.
    1. For professional projects completed as part of the firm, entrants should include an additional 150 words that clearly outlines their specific role in the project and specifies any contributions made to the design by others besides the entrants.
  5. Project submission:
    1. Required: PDF with a up to twelve 11x17 sheets of a single project that includes plans for natural landscape and any additional hardscape features or structures, as applicable
      1. Indicate the maker of any included drawings or renderings
      2. Sheets can include hand sketches, photographs of in progress or completed projects, digital renderings, etc.
      3. For applicable projects, sheets should include either a pre-construction survey, site plan, or before/after images to demonstrate what existed prior to the design being implemented
      4. At least one sheet must include a planting plan that outlines specific horticultural choices
    2. Beneficial but not required: (1) video of a 3-D project model, and/or 1 photograph of a 3-D project model
  6. CV: (maximum 2 pages)
  7. Letter of Recommendation: from an academic or professional contact describing the characteristics that make the entrant and their work deserving of the Landscape Design Award
  8. Interview: with member of the education team and jury chair (interviews only offered to top five short list candidates)

Applications must be submitted through the 2022 Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize Entry Form. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.


The jury will judge each project both by its conception and execution. Please read the full criteria for judging here.


The ICAA reserves the right to publish, electronically post, distribute to media outlets, or display at its national headquarters images of the projects of the winner and any Highly Commended finalists. Images may be used in future promotion of the Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize for subsequent application rounds. Such work results will remain the property of the entrant but permission to so reproduce or display both by the ICAA and other media outlets must be granted by the prize recipient upon receiving the prize; decisions about where and how to so show will be made by Institute staff in partnership with the Prize jury. Entrants must have publishable images ready to provide to the ICAA for distribution upon receipt of the prize, with all necessary permissions secured. It is the responsibility of the ICAA to cover any and all related display costs as deemed most appropriate.


  1. Garden designers, landscape architects, design professionals, horticulturists, urban planners, architects, students, and interested people with relevant experience can participate in this prize.
  2. Both international and domestic US entrants will be considered.
  3. Entrants may submit up to 2 projects for consideration.
  4. All entrants must have been 35 years old or younger on 31st December 2021 OR be within the first seven years of their relevant design career, which is measured from graduation date from a related graduate program or another relevant parameter. Entrants will be asked to provide proof of age or confirm their eligibility with ICAA staff. Please contact the ICAA if you have any questions about your eligibility.
  5. Entrants must have been the primary or significant contributor on projects that were worked on by a team, and should be able to demonstrate that the final design is primarily their own. Entry materials must specify the entrant’s role in the project and that of other contributors. Only one prize is given to an individual, so additional team members besides the entrant will not be recognized.
  6. Entries are required as digital files only. Hard copies of drawings or models will not be accepted.
  7. Projects for consideration may include completed projects or conceptual projects. Both should include information about the existing site previous to design.
  8. Projects for consideration may include new construction, historic preservation/restoration projects, or reimaginations of existing architectural and landscape sites.
  9. All entry materials must be submitted between September 1st, 2021 and December 15th, 2021. Incomplete entries or entries received after December 15th, 2021 will not be considered. Entries will be reviewed by the jury in January and finalists and winners will be notified early spring 2022.

Please Inquire

Contact Mollie Wohlforth ([email protected]) or call 212-730-9646 ext. 115 with questions.

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