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John Toates Architecture and Design
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John Toates Architecture and Design offers a collaborative comprehensive and creative design experience to homeowners. John Toates and his partner Mark L. Hoffman have more than 40 years of combined experience in designing and managing home projects of unquestionable elegance and sophistication making them ideal experts to guide you through the experience of designing and building a new home renovation addition or outbuilding.

JTAD’s architects bring to every project their expertise in history, proper usage of materials, and accuracy of details without pretension or inflexibility. The firm’s architects have a reputation for being approachable and easy to work with, complemented by passion, attentiveness and personal investment in every project, to ensure the client’s complete satisfaction with the entire experience.

Projects of all sizes and budgets are given equal attention. Often it is the projects with more constraints that present greater opportunities for creative design solutions.

Post Office Box 325

Devon, PA 19333

(484) 725-7978

Photography, Tom Crane
Photography, Tom Crane
Photography, Tom Crane