Edward Vason Jones Scholarship

The scholarship provides tuition subsidy for the Christopher H. Browne Rome Drawing Tour, which expands practical and theoretical knowledge of the classical tradition as manifest in the architecture, urbanism, and landscape of Rome through the means of observational and analytical drawing.   

The Edward Vason Jones Scholarship for the Christopher H. Browne Rome Drawing Tour was established in 2000 by ICAA Fellow, William H. Bates III, to provide support for a qualified applicant to participate in the Rome program. Edward Vason Jones (1909-1980) was a self-educated Georgia neoclassical architect. His works include the first renovations to the Department of State Reception Rooms from 1965 to 1980, renovations to the White House during the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations, and residential projects large and small scattered east of the Mississippi.


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The deadline to apply for Edward Vason Jones Scholarship for the Christopher H. Browne Rome Drawing Tour is April 6, 2018.