Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

About Us


The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA), resulted from the 2002 merger of Classical America and the Institute of Classical Architecture, founded in 1968 and 1991 respectively. Today the Institute is the leading nonprofit organization, represented by 15 chapters nationwide, dedicated to advancing the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism and their allied arts. It does so through education, publication, and advocacy.

The organization is a valued educational resource for students of art, planning, and architecture, design professionals, and the general public, assisted today by the growing network of regional and local chapters. The Institute offers a wide array of programs that include continuing education classes; travel programs; lectures; salons; and conferences. It publishes an academic journal called The Classicist as well as the acclaimed book series called the Classical America Series in Art and Architecture. The Institute also acts as a curriculum partner with accredited schools of Architecture such as the University of Colorado Denver.

Partnerships with non-architect home builders via the American Institute of Building Design as well as Habitat for Humanity International bring the traditional design skills sustained and disseminated by the Institute to bear in diverse communities across America. A blog further offers a voice for advocacy and communication.