The Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basilica of Rome
By Paul Letarouilly

French architect Paul Letarouilly (1795-1855), known for his book Edifices de Rome Moderne as well as his unparalleled observational skills and drawing ability, devoted much of his life to record the intricacies of Vatican City. This book, originally published in three volumes in 1882 after his death, was an unmatched source for the decorative details of the architecture the Vatican has to offer.

Book details:

Includes plans, elevations, and perspective drawings as well as mosaics, wall panels, door frames, and moldings from the buildings of Vatican City

Publisher Info:
  • ISBN: 9781568988757
  • Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
  • Size: 9.5 x 12.2 in
  • Pages: 320
  • Binding: Hardcover
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