In Celebration of the Classical Tradition
The ICAA and its chapters nationwide honor the achievements of those advancing the classical tradition in architecture and the related fields.
Established in 1982 by Classical America advocate, Arthur Ross (1910–2007), and its president, Henry Hope Reed (1916–2013), the Arthur Ross Awards were created to recognize and celebrate excellence in the classical tradition.
This award is offered in collaboration by the ICAA, the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community (PFBC), and INTBAU.
Regional Awards
Chicago-Midwest Chapter - Promoting excellence in classical and vernacular design.
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Florida Chapter - Celebrating new work in the classical design tradition.
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New England Chapter - Recognizing excellence in New England classical and traditional design.
Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter – Recognizing the best classical and traditional work in the Washington Mid Atlantic region.
Texas Chapter - Honoring Texas practitioners who are committed to excellence in the classical and vernacular traditions.
Northern California Chapter – Recognizing architects and designers, artisans, students, and patrons on a local level.
Rocky Mountain Chapter – Recognizing the achievements of those who preserve and advance the classical tradition.
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Southeast Chapter - Recognizing excellence among regional practitioners in several categories.
Southern California Chapter – Benefitting the Southern California Chapter's education and scholarship programs.
New York Region - Recognizing individual projects throughout New York, New Jersey, and Fairfield County, CT.
Philadelphia Chapter - Recognizing those who preserve and advance the classical tradition in the Philadelphia region.
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The ICAA awards three-month fellowships at the American Academy in Rome for independent study and research in architecture and the fine arts.
A biannual affiliated fellowship at the American Academy in Rome open to American painters and sculptors.
Call for Entries
Offers recent graduates and practitioners of architecture the opportunity to advance their skills at the American Academy in Rome.
ICAA scholarship opportunities help ensure educational programming remains accessible to students regardless of financial background.
The scholarship provides tuition subsidy for the Christopher H. Browne Drawing Tours.
The scholarship provides subsidy for tuition, accommodations, as well as transportation to and from New York City.
The scholarship provides subsidy for tuition, accommodations, as well as transportation to and from New York City from Hampton University.
The scholarship provides subsidy primarily for tuition, but subsidies are also available to help cover accommodations and in some cases transportation.
The Mark Ferguson Award allows a student or emerging professional the opportunity to attend the eight-day Intensive in Classical Architecture in New York City.