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The ICAA offers a limited amount of scholarships for students, emerging professionals, and professionals.

Each scholarship is merit based and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you require a scholarship, please submit the following to [email protected]:

  1. Completed Scholarship Application Form
  2. A brief personal statement describing your interest in the program and how the program will support your academic and professional goals
  3. Examples of your work: suggested 3-4 images submitted as PDFs
  4. Resumé or Curriculum Vitae
  5. Letter of Recommendation
  6. Brief Biography (no more than one or two paragraphs)

Scholarship applications are due Monday, July 15, 2024. Please email [email protected] or call 212-730-9646 x112 with questions about scholarship applications.

In addition to the scholarships offered by the ICAA National Office, special scholarships are available through the ICAA Chicago-Midwest Chapter, the ICAA Southern California Chapter, and the ICAA Texas Chapter for students and emerging professionals within each respective Chapter's region.

ICAA Chicago-Midwest Chapter Scholarship: Applications should be sent to [email protected]; please indicate on your application form that you currently reside or attend school in the Chicago-Midwest Chapter. Questions regarding this scholarship opportunity may be sent to Julie Hayes at [email protected].

ICAA Southern California Chapter Scholarship: Applications and questions regarding this scholarship opportunity may be sent to Sonya Adams at [email protected].

ICAA Texas Chapter Scholarship: Questions regarding this scholarship opportunity may be sent to Mary Peyton Burgher at [email protected].

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How many participants do you accept?

We accept a maximum of 25 students.

Am I required to purchase my own materials?

Yes, a materials list will be provided a month in advance of the program.

Would I be able to sign up to attend only part of the program at a reduced rate?

No. Programs are designed to introduce a broad range of skills and experiences which is only possible through full participation.

Are international students and professionals accepted into ICAA programs?

The ICAA welcomes students and professionals from across the world, and international scholarship applications are encouraged. In advance of applying, please note that the ICAA cannot provide any paperwork or assistance with visa applications.

Are there any recommended accommodation options for those traveling to attend the program?

Please email [email protected] for more information on accommodation options close to the program.

What is the ICAA's policy on cancellations?

You may refer to the ICAA's cancellation policy by clicking [here].