What You Will Learn

The Classical Language

  • How to draw a block layout of the Tuscan Order to become familiar with the proportional relationships of the individual parts to the whole
  • How to complete detailed drawings of the base, capital, and entablature to become acquainted with the nomenclature and role of the individual parts
  • How to produce a drawing of an elevation of a Tuscan portico to explore syntax and compositional strategies
  • How a canonical order may be explicit or implicit in a design, and how its elements can be progressively reduced while retaining its character and proportion

The Study of Precedents in Architectural Composition

  • The tradition and purpose of measured and analytical drawing in sketchbook.
  • Techniques for measuring a precedent and accurately drawing to scale in a sketchbook
  • Familiarity with local classical buildings and adaptions of the classical canon
  • An appreciation for drawing as a means of instilling a sensibility for size, scale, proportion, and composition


Emerging Professionals
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