What You Will Learn

  • Deeper knowledge of the architecture, urbanism, art, and landscapes of Rome as a font of precedent and inspiration for new design.
  • Types of observational, analytical and measured drawing to study and document buildings and their urban and natural contexts.
  • Media and techniques to capture the qualities of an architectural subject through perspectival delineation with light and shade, hue and value; and measured and analytical drawing to examine detail, form, and composition.
  • Increased appreciation for the malleability of the classical language and its diversity of expression through time in exemplary works and by recognized masters of the tradition.


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The Christopher H. Browne Drawing Tours honor the generosity, leadership, and legacy of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art’s late Trustee, Mr. Christopher H. Browne. The ICAA is pleased to award four scholarships to drawing tour students annually in the name of Mr. Browne, a long-time supporter and champion of classicism. Scholarship recipients will receive the moniker “Christopher H. Browne Scholars.” 

Please note that the scholarship application deadline for the 2018 Christopher H. Browne Rome Drawing Tour has passed. 

2017 Christopher H. Browne Rome Drawing Tour Student Update

Student Work


Is travel and accommodation included in the list price?

The price is only for the course instruction. You will need to make and pay for your own flights and accommodation.

Who usually attends Christopher H. Browne Drawing Tours?

Typically a combination of students and professionals attend. The ICAA has 12 spots available in total, and typically between four and six places are funded by scholarships.

Will there be time for me to explore on my own?

Yes, absolutely. Most evenings can be spent exploring on your own or with fellow participants.

Are meals included in the list price and are we all expected to eat together at every meal?

Some meals are included, which will be spent together as a group. Otherwise you are free to eat where and with whom you please.

Are materials provided or do we need to purchase them ourselves?

The ICAA does not provide materials, but will provide a full materials list at least one month before the course. Typically, the cost of materials is between $100 and $200.