Northern Italy - Turin, Milan, & the Lakes: Exceptional Private Estates, Gardens, & Historic Sites

The ICAA is pleased to present this tour of the beautiful private estates, gardens, and historic sites of Northern Italy, including the areas of Turin, Milan, and the lakes. Participants of the tour may confirm one or both of the options below:

Option One - Private Turin & Milan, May 14-20, 2020

Over the course of six exceptional days, the group will discover Milan and Turin's most creative and significant interiors and interact with hosts along the way, which include interior designers, architects, and more. The tour will be led by expert lecturer and author, Frank Dabell.

Option Two - The Lakes: Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, May 20-24, 2020

During this tour, the group will admire the most refined private gardens of Lake Como and Lake Maggiore in bloom. The itinerary will offer behind-the-scenes visits to beautiful gardens in Northern Italy, as well as bespoke private access to exquisite villas and architectural wonders. This tour will be led by expert lecturer and author, Caroline Holmes.

This tour is arranged by Pamela Huntington Darling, Consultant and creator of exclusive cultural travel programs. For more information, please email Pamela Huntington Darling ([email protected]), visit, or call +33 1 45 67 62 81.

Please note a fully tax-deductible donation of $500 per person is required to participate in this travel program. All travel program participants have the opportunity to receive a complimentary Individual level membership for one year to the ICAA.

18th Century Villa

During the tour of Private Turin and Milan, participants will enjoy a private visit and luncheon with the owners at a magnificent 18th Century villa, surrounded by remarkable gardens designed by Russell Page.

Cocktails at a Private Residence

As part of the tour of Private Turin and Milan, the group will be welcomed with cocktails at the private residence of one of Milan's most renowned architects.

Teatro alla Scala de Milan

Included is an optional evening at the Teatro alla Scala de Milan to view a performance of either the ballet Romeo and Juliette on May 15, or the opera L'amore dei tre re on May 17.

Luncheon at Private Villa

Included in the tour of The Lakes: Lake Como and Lake Maggiore is a private luncheon with a notable figure in Italy at his exceptional villa displaying unique Renaissance frescoes.

Private Residence on Lake Como

The group will enjoy a private dinner at a historic and beautiful private residence on Lake Como with the owners.


How do I register for an ICAA travel program?

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What does the required $500 donation fund?

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Yes, a donation of $500 to the ICAA is required for each travel program you register for. The donation is required for each person attending a tour.

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I don’t see the full itinerary for the tour I am interested in. When will it be released?

Please contact [email protected] for more information. Due to the exclusive nature of our tours, some private locations or visits may be omitted from the ICAA's website.

What kinds of trips does the ICAA offer?

Over the past several years, the ICAA has travelled to destinations including Paris; Andalusia; Atlanta; Barbados; South Africa; Chicago; the Netherlands and Belgium; Scotland; the French Riviera; Morocco; the Italian Lake Region; Charlottesville; Naples; and New Delhi, among many other locations. The ICAA is always looking to diversify its travel offerings. If you have a suggestion or location you would like to see added, please email [email protected]