Paris Eternal & Extraordinaire: New Discoveries and Historic Treasures

Paris’ unique arrondissements contain the secrets of its eternal allure—and this tour provides immersive entrée into the City of Light’s most iconic and vibrant neighborhoods and addresses. This tour, co-hosted by luxury travel planning company Indagare in partnership with the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, will offer special insight into the foundations—and innovations—of this ever-evolving, ever-inspiring city. Highlights include receptions and meals at private residences with local tastemakers; historical tours of Île de la Cité and the Marais; invitations to secret gardens, galleries and restaurants; and visits to the Chateau de Bagatelle, Bibliothèque Richelieu, the Bourse de Commerce and beyond. The tour will be led by a dedicated guide, history and horticulture expert Amy Kupec Larue.

This tour is arranged by Indagare. For further information, please contact [email protected] or 646-780-8383.

To ensure the safety of our community, the ICAA is requiring that all participants of its travel programs receive the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shot (aside from those eligible for a medical or religious accommodation).

A fully tax-deductible donation of $500 per person is required to participate in this travel program. Please note that this donation is non-refundable except in the case that this travel program is cancelled by the organization. All travel program participants have the opportunity to receive a complimentary Individual level membership for one year to the ICAA.

(Image: Chateau de Malmaison, Pedro Faber Via Wikimedia Commons)

Le Meurice

To kick off the program, guests are invited to join on an introductory walking tour of the neighborhood surrounding the hotel, Le Meurice, with the chance to meet some of the craftsmen who were involved in the building's restoration. The tour guide Amy Kupec Larue will share her horticultural expertise through a tour of the Tuileries gardens, tracing its evolution over the centuries. From here, the group will tour the courtyard of the Louvre Museum to examine tis varied architectural styles, and conclude in the covered passageways among the Rue des Petits Champs.

Paris Neighborhoods

On the second day, the group will be met by Amy to start the day by exploring the paved streets of some of the neighborhoods at the core of the city’s founding, including the Île de la Cite, Île St Louis and the Marais. Together, the group will unveil the history of the elegant hôtel particuliers and other iconic architectural and garden design styles.

Hotel de Lauzun

The tour includes a special breakfast at Hotel de Lauzun, a hotel particulier located in the heart of Île St Louis.

Pinault Collection

The group will explore the recently opened Pinault Collection. As one of the city’s most important new art centers, it offers 10 exhibition galleries and more than 10,000 works of modern and contemporary art from masters like Braque, Picasso, Ferdinand Léger, Piet Mondrian, Jeff Koons and many others.

Private Residence in 2nd Arrondissement

Participants will be welcomed for a reception and cocktails at a beautiful private residence in the 2nd arrondissement.

Chateau de Malmaison

The tour includes a visit to Chateau Malmaison, a 14th-century estate that came under the ownership of Joséphine Bonaparte in 1799 and was much visited and admired by her husband. Its 70 acres of enclosed parkland were sculpted by Louis-Martin Berthault.

Château de Bagatelle

The tour includes a visit to the Château de Bagatelle and its grounds. Built in 1777 (in just 67 days, following a bet between Louis XVI’s youngest brother and Marie Antoinette), this rare time capsule was done in the Neoclassical style. The mansion sits on 59 acres of manicured grounds, including formal French gardens, a rose garden and an orangerie. The gardens represent a variety of styles and the botanical collections include centuries-old trees and both herbaceous and tree peonies, irises, water lilies and over 10,000 species of roses. Here, the group will enjoy lunch on the lovely terrace of the recently reopened Bagatelle Restaurant (a local institution).

Tour of Rive Gauche Area

Tour participants who are interested may join guide Amy for a discovery of the Rive Gauche area. The group will begin on the West Bank with a visit to some 2nd-century Roman ruins and then head towards the Sorbonne and walk around the outside of the Cluny museum and garden. From there will be a tour of Marie Medici’s Luxembourg gardens, home to the French Senate, as well as the beautiful St. Sulpice church and the emblematic St Germain dès Près. The group will also have the chance to experience a behind-the-scenes visit as part of Paris Design Week.

The Bibliothèque Richelieu

The program includes a guided tour of one of the newly renovated historical buildings of Paris: the Bibliothèque Richelieu (National Library).

Place de la Concorde

The tour includes a comparison of two of the most iconic structures on the Place de la Concorde: the Hôtel de la Marine—which anchors one side— and the Hôtel de Crillon, which anchors the other. First, the group will have a guided tour of the Hôtel de la Marine, which served as the home of the French Navy Ministry from 1789–2015. Since June 2021, after being covered with scaffolding for four years during a massive restoration, it has become home to a new museum celebrating 18th-century splendor. More than 130 million euros were spent restoring the grand spaces, which were originally built to house the incredible royal collection of antique fabrics and furnishings. The curators have staged the apartments to show how a nobleman in pre-Revolutionary times would have lived.

Next, the group will discover the beautiful Hôtel de Crillon, have lunch and meet some of the architects who have worked on the monumental restoration of the property.

Private Farewell Dinner

The tour concludes with a festive farewell dinner at the private home of the designer behind the renovations of the Hôtel de Crillon and newly reopened Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

What’s included

  • Four nights’ accommodations at Le Meurice, a grande dame hotel offering a fabulous location overlooking the Tuileries gardens and old-world Parisian elegance with a modern flourish.
  • Scheduled group transfers throughout Paris to all activities, in small luxury vehicles.
  • Exploration of the neighborhoods at the core of Paris’ founding, including the historic Île de la Cité, Île Saint-Louis and the Marais, from an insider’s perspective.
  • Architecture and design focused visits including the include Hotel de Lauzun, the National Archives, the Pinault Collection at the Bourse de Commerce, the Bibliothèque Richelieu and more.
  • Tours led by history and horticulture expert Amy Kupec Larue, who will provide unique context and access to the City of Light’s green spaces, as well as historical sites like the newly renovated Château de Bagatelle, Hôtel de la Marine and the Châtelet theaters.
  • Opportunities to meet local designers, architects, collectors and tastemakers during special-access visits and cocktail receptions and meals at fabulous private residences and galleries.
  • A private evening cruise by yacht down the River Seine to admire Paris’ most iconic monuments at night.

Chateau de Malmaison (Pedro Faber Via Wikimedia Commons)

Bibliothèque Nationale De France (Mossot Via Wikimedia Commons)


The Pinault Collection (Indagare)



Château De Bagatelle (Moonik Via Wikimedia Commons)

Hotel De Lauzun (Fre Cha Via Wikimedia Commons)

Single Occupancy
September 8-12, 2022
Double Occupancy
September 8-12, 2022


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