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To Our Community of Classicists:

Facing unprecedented challenges, the ICAA seeks to safeguard its myriad of unique educational offerings which together ensure that classical architecture and art will continue to inspire and inform us into the future.

Today, the ICAA's mission resonates more deeply than ever as our community seeks connections to the classical world through our online offerings, making an education in classicism accessible for a worldwide audience. But in addition to our unique online offerings, the ICAA looks toward the future of its in-person programming, which depends on the support of friends like you.

As a nonprofit organization, the ICAA's impactful programs are only made possible with the support of its community.

In step with this effort, the ICAA has launched a special social media effort focused on remembering the spaces that have special meaning for us: the buildings we love, the landscapes that center us, the interiors that spark inspiration. Place truly lies at the center of our mission, with our offerings catering to those that value how important the spaces we love are in making us to be the classicists we are today.

As part of this endeavor, we are encouraging our members, supporters, and friends to share on Instagram the places they cannot wait to return to using the hashtag #ICAAeverywhere.

With each post, we encourage our community to make a gift to the ICAA, large or small, in support of our ongoing operations. Thanks to our generous Board Members and donors, all gifts to the #ICAAeverywhere appeal will be matched!

This is where participants look forward to traveling first, to find #ICAAeverywhere: