National Office
Bories and Shearron
Architect / Designer

Our passion is to work in traditional and classical architectural styles. We employ an eclectic approach to design—ranging from the symmetrical and formal to the simple and reserved. Good proportion, suitability, and a sense of invention, combined with a seamless integration of the House, the Décor, and the Garden, are the tenets of our practice.

We work with all aspects of residential architecture including new construction, complete restorations, interior alterations, and garden design. The hallmark of our work is to maintain architectural integrity while incorporating required modern amenities. In addition, we interpret individual project needs through a spirit of collaboration. Finally, we strive to make architecture that is grounded in tradition, celebrates life, and will age gracefully over time.

36 E 20th St

Floor 3

New York, NY 10003

(212) 706-8262