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Civium is a Latin word meaning “for the citizens.” So, why name an architecture firm Civium? In short, because we focus on building communities, not just individual buildings. We believe architecture allows us to shape the world we want to live in, and good architecture elevates the human experience. Good places foster better living and generate better communities. So, we seek to design places that enable, enrich, and inspire human endeavor.

We believe architecture is richest when informed by the breadth and complexity of human experience. So, we look to tradition to inform our designs, imbue our buildings with deeper cultural meanings, and give spirit to the places we make. But tradition is not static, it does not merely reflect the past. Rather, it is continually evolving to remain current and relevant, reflecting the best of a culture. So, we write the next chapter in tradition by creating buildings that are of their time and place, reflecting the values and purposes of their inhabitants, the present culture of the broader community, and the impact of the geographic locale.

Our work is guided by Classical design values. With every project, we strive to fulfill the timeless triumvirate of firmness, commodity, and delight first described by Vitruvius, or in more modern terms durability, utility, and beauty. Whether your project is small or large, new construction, a building addition, or remodeling an existing building, we can help. Civium is a full-service design firm offering comprehensive design services.

1250 SW Oakley Ave., Ste 200

Topeka, KS 66604

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The New Immaculata Church, Exterior; St. Marys, Kansas (Photo: Beth Day)
The New Immaculata Church, Interior; St. Marys, Kansas (Photo: Invictus Photography)
St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, Exterior; Rossville, Kansas (Photo: Grant Fitch)
St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, Interior; Rossville, Kansas (Photo: Grant Fitch)
616 Bertrand Building; St. Marys, Kansas (Photo: Ken Doll)
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Exterior; Topeka, Kansas (Photo: Gary Jones)