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DD Ford Construction has been Building, Remodeling and Maintaining the finest homes and estates within a 1 Hour radius of Santa Barbara since 1979. We are a design and client focused company, who strive to achieve perfect workmanship that fulfills the precise expectations of the design team within a client’s desired budget. Our team efficiently manages the big picture while obsessing over the fine details, to ensure that our clients and design partners can enjoy the complex process of custom building. Here, it isn’t just the homes that are built to last, we also go to great lengths to develop trusted relationships for the long-term. There is rich wisdom in taking the long view, and our tight knit team of high quality people flourish in a culture built on this foundational core value. Our clear principles and healthy culture enable us to design a very enjoyable construction experience for all involved.  

303 Palm Avenue

Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 965-4055

Jim Bartsch Photography
Jim Bartsch Photography
Jim Bartsch Photography