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McCoy Construction
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As the builder of some of Southern California’s most prestigious residences, McCoy understands the complexities in building high-end bespoke homes. Over the years our company culture has evolved to embody a Triangle of Teamwork (Owner Team / Design Team / Construction Team). This emphasizes a collaborative and disciplined approach that takes an inherently complex process and distills it into clear action steps. The ensuing success is the result of open communication between all team members. In over 30 years of building, we’ve never had a lawsuit, and McCoy Construction has the best safety record in the industry. As for references, we consider our references to be virtually anyone whose ever worked with us on one of our projects – from the owners and their staff, to architects, designers, engineers, subcontractors, and even neighbors. Building an estate, or any enduring embodiment of life, and the relationships we value is fraught with challenges and emotions. That’s why it’s critically important to assemble the right team from the beginning. McCoy Construction.

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