A Young Architect's Toolkit: An Introductory Drawing Video Series for Middle and High School Students

As part of the ICAA's Cast Hall programming, explore how to draw in perspective, depict a column in proportion, and sketch buildings on site. In three introductory tutorials for middle and high school students, follow working architects and designers as they demonstrate key skills that every architect uses and help you hone your architectural eye.

Episode 1: Drawing the Tuscan Order

Episode 2: Sketching on Site

Episode 3: Perspective Drawing

Visiting the Cast Hall

Highlights of the plaster cast collection are on view in the ICAA’s Cast Hall, open to the public by appointment. School groups are encouraged to visit and take advantage of our free programming that is tailored to each individual visiting group.

For educators interested in visiting the Cast Hall, click here to learn more about our Cast Hall programming and here to read descriptions of previous programs.

Please email [email protected] or call 212-730-9646 × 115 to arrange a visit and discuss our curriculum options.

Admission to view the collection is free. Please consider making a donation to support the collection and the ICAA's educational initiatives.