Ferguson & Shamamian Architects - "Aspen Mountain House" Residential Architecture – New Construction Over 5,000 SF (Photo: Lisa Romerein)

G. P. Schafer Architect, DPC - "A New Stone Country House & Garden" Residential Architecture – New Construction Under 5,000 SF (Photo: Eric Piasecki)

McAlpine House - "Abstracted Embassy" Residential Architecture – New Construction Over 5,000 SF (Photo: Simon Upton)

Fairfax & Sammons Architects - "16 Golfview" Residential Architecture – Renovations & Additions (Photo: Lisa Romerein)

Peter Pennoyer Architects - "The Benson" Residential Architecture –Multi-Unit Projects

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLC - "Dundon-Berchtold Hall" Commercial, Civic, and Institutional Architecture (Photo: Pete Eckert for Fortis)

Stefanie Scheer Young Interior Design - "Interior Design for a Downeast Maine House" Interior Architecture & Design (Photo: Read McKendree)

Perry Guillot Inc - "A Recharged Battery Garden" Landscape Architecture (Photo: Perry Guillot)

James Doyle Design Associates - "Mead Farm" Landscape Architecture (Photo: Allegra Anderson)

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLC - "Schwarzman Center" Historic Preservation (Photo: Francis Dzikowski/OTTO)

Remains Lighting - "A Suite of Cast Bronze Lighting" Craftsmanship

John Canning & Co., Ltd. - "San Joselito’s Chapel: Transformation Through Decoration" Artisanship (Photo: Robert Benson Photography)

Eric Jean-Luc Kerke - "The American Academy of Classical Art" Student Projects

Caroline Colella - "Immigration Station: Designing for Dignity at the Border" Student Projects