Fairfax & Sammons Architects, "New Residence" Residential Architecture – New Construction Under 5,000 SF (Image Credit: Olson Photographic, LLC)

G. P. Schafer Architect, "A New Country Residence" Residential Architecture – New Construction Over 5,000 SF (Image Credit: Eric Piasecki)

Historical Concepts, "A New Life for an Old Farmhouse" Residential Architecture – Renovations & Additions (Image Credit: Eric Piasecki)

John B. Murray Architect, "Renovation of a Central Park South Duplex" Residential Architecture – Townhouses & Apartments (Image Credit: Simon Upton)

Di Biase Filkoff Architects, "Pool House for a Hudson Valley Estate" Residential Architecture – Ancillary Structures (Image Credit: Durston Saylor)

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, "Benjamin Franklin College and Pauli Murray College, Yale University" Commercial, Civic, & Institutional Architecture (Image Credit: Peter Aaron: OTTO)

Eric J. Smith Architect, "A New Californian Georgian House" Interior Architecture & Design: Houses (Image Credit: Peter Margonelli)

MNA, "Bergdorf Goodman" Interior Architecture & Design: Commercial, Civic, & Institutional (Image Credit: Thaddeus Rombauer)

Sawyer | Berson, "Residence on Christopher Street" Landscape Design (Image Credit: Joshua McHugh)

Hollander Design Landscape Architects, "English Country House" Landscape Design

Walter B. Melvin Architects, "St. Thomas Church" Historic Preservation

Abigail Tulis, "A Sculpture Scheme for the Exterior and Interior of a House" Craftsmanship & Artisanship (Image Credit: Eric Piasecki)

COVAX Design, "Primary Passageway Entry Gates, New Franklin & Murray Residential Colleges" Craftsmanship & Artisanship

Elaine Rose, "A University Library at Montclair State University" Student Projects