Fairfax & Sammons Architects, "Il Cortile" Residential Architecture – New Construction Over 5,000 SF (Image Credit: Owen McGoldrick)

Hendricks Churchill, "Oblong Valley Greek Revival" Residential Architecture – New Construction Over 5,000 SF (Image Credit: Tim Lenz)

Larson Architecture Works, "A Dutchess County Farm" Residential Architecture – Renovations & Additions (Image Credit: Ren Nickson)

Larson Architecture Works, "Classical Enfilade on Park Avenue" Residential Architecture – Townhouses & Apartments (Image Credi: Albert Vecerka / Esto)

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, "20 East End" Residential Architecture – Multi-Unit Projects (Image Credit: Peter Aaron / OTTO)

Voith & Mactavish Architects, "Boarding School Dining Hall in Dutchess County" Commercial, Civic, & Institutional Architecture (Image Credit: Jeffrey Totaro)

John B. Murray Architect, "Upper East Side Triplex" Interior Architecture & Design (Image Credit: Francesco Lagnese)

Patrick Alles, "A Living Language: A New Baldachin for an Old Church" Craftsmanship & Artisanship (Image Credit: Patrick Dunford)

Sawyer|Berson Architecture & Landscape Architecture, "Landscape on Glover Street" Landscape Design (Image Credit: Joshua McHugh)

Janice Parker Landscape Architects, "Tree Farm" Landscape Design (Image Credit: Durston Saylor)

Easton Architects, "A Central Park West Lobby Restoration" Historic Preservation (Image Credit: Jeffrey Kilmer Photography)

Daniel J. Kiser, "A Spiritual Retreat Center" Student Project

Christian Cullinan, "Museum of the History of Segregation" Student Project