The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens: Public Buildings and Memorials
A.S.G. Butler

Edwin Lutyens was one of the most famous architects of the 20th century. After he died in 1944, three large volumes of his drawings and photographs were commissioned and published by Country Life as a tribute.

In 2023 and early 2024, all three volumes were republished by ACC Art Books. This third and final volume showcases Lutyens’ detailed plans and elevations for the greatest examples of his townhouse renovations, memorials and public buildings, including the Cenotaph at Westminster, the Thiepval Memorial, and the colossal Midland Bank building in Manchester.

These reissues are once again bringing to the world’s attention not just the professionalism of a great architect, but also the loving care with which he set down the minutiae of his visions. They are among the few books in existence illustrated with his working drawings, as well as pristine photos of the finished masterpieces themselves. A beautiful tribute to a monumental figure in the history of modern architecture.

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Book details:

Publisher Info:
  • ISBN: 9781788842501
  • Publisher: ACC Art Books
  • Territory: World
  • Size: 11.81 in x 14.17 in
  • Pages: 256 Pages
  • Binding: Hard Cover
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