The Grand Tour

A one day immersion in the world of an architect

Architecture is a profession and field of study often not covered in middle and high school curricula, despite its cultural, social, and political impact on our society throughout history. The Grand Tour seeks to introduce students to the history and principles of classical architecture and urban planning as well as its current application in the communities of the program’s students.

The Grand Tour also considers how architecture and urban planning relates to issues of social justice, and how design can either positively or negatively impact the equity of a city and community. A one-day program led by a team of architects and educators, The Grand Tour uses its host city as a living classroom, with previous iterations of the program held for middle and high school students in New York City, Savannah, and Chicago. Bespoke for each participating group, The Grand Tour features interactive lectures, walking tours, and hands-on drawing activities that allows our students to see their home city in a new light by focusing on three key areas: classical architecture and history, urban planning and equity, and drawing and design.

Our previous partner schools:

  • Mather Building Arts and Craftsmanship High School
  • Savannah Christian Preparatory School
  • Esther F. Garrison School of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Cristo Rey Chicago
  • Cristo Rey Philadelphia
  • Cristo Rey St. Martin
  • Girls Prep Bronx Middle School
  • Girls Prep Lower East Side Middle School

Interested in learning more about The Grand Tour? Read about iterations of our program with Cristo Rey Chicago and Mather Building Arts and Craftsmanship High School.

A Grand Tour Chicago student draws in Millennium Park


Thanks to The Grand Tour 2021 with Cristo Rey Chicago's sponsor Kane Brothers Inc., Landscape Design for their support.

Want to learn more about how you can bring The Grand Tour to your students? Email [email protected] or call 212-730-9646 x 115.