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Arthur Ross Awards Categories & Criteria

Award Categories

Each year, the Arthur Ross Jury selects five recipients for awards from among the following categories:

Artisanship · Craftsmanship
Community Design · Civic Design · City Planning
Fine Arts: Painting · Sculpture · Mural Design · Rendering · Photography
History · Journalism · Criticism · Writing · Editing · Publishing
Interior Design
Landscape Design · Gardening

The awards honor lifetime achievement, a career, or a body of work. The exceptions are for the categories of “Patronage” and “Stewardship” where single works may be honored.

In Fine Arts, the body of work should have been created in association with architectural projects, be related to design and placemaking, or be a depiction of the built environment.

Lastly, please note that awards are not given in every category every year; however, by tradition, an award in the architecture category is made every year.